Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11: The dairy-free challenge

I am officially on Day 11 of being dairy-free, and honestly, I am not crazy about this. I want my yogurt back!

On a positive note, it is really opening my eyes to how much I rely on dairy. Making eggs for breakfast...I want to mix it with milk and cover it with feta or cheddar. I am craving a snack...I want to slice apples and dip it into my favorite mixture of Greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter. Making pasta for dinner...I want to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on it. Or just going into the kitchen, and grab a chunk of cheese. Inevitably, most meals I make I am hitting a road block wondering what I can use instead of my beloved dairy. I am trying to make up for it with pepper, sesame seeds, olives, etc...

I also realize there is a thin line between cutting something out, and then replacing it with something that could be just as bad, if not worse for you. Since going gluten-free, almost three years now, I have loved finding delicious gluten-free replacements....bread, crackers, cookies, cupcakes...bring it! If something says 'gluten-free' I honestly have a very hard time not wanting to try it. And the irony is that when I was able to eat anything, I didn't eat a donut just because it was in front of me. But now if I see one offered that is gluten-free, I feel as if I have to grab and eat in case I never see one again. Ever. In my entire life.

This has been my downfall, and my waist-line can confirm this. Some people think they will loose weight going gluten-free..well, yeah, you may loose weight going gluten-free, as long as you don't replace those gluten-filled items with gluten-free versions. If you can no longer eat those cheese crackers, well don't get the gluten-free version...grab an apple! Just say bye-bye to the cheese crackers. See, I know this rationally, I need to practice what I preach.

So, now that I am eliminating dairy for these 30 days, I am very reluctant to replace with comparable items, such as soy cheese, butter, etc... I am trying to learn to live without it. Plus, I am sure my body does not need anymore soy. Though, I will admit, I broke down the other day, and bought some soy-free Earth Balance to use on pasta. I used a spoonful for a family amount of pasta. It was good, but I felt guilty. Especially since I like to stick with the real thing. If I want butter, I am going to use butter. Sugar, I am going to use sugar, no artificial sweeteners that have a list of ingredients I can't pronounce. I have been using almond and coconut milk and coconut oil, but these are also things I would use before my dairy-free craziness.

Do I feel differently since taking out dairy? Not really. I don't think I notice anything, I wish I did. I am also not noticing any change on the scale, so maybe dairy is not my problem for my inability of loosing weight. I am sure sitting for a lot of the day has something to do it with it.

On the other hand, M has been following along, and been dairy-free except for a couple of tablespoons of milk in his PG Tips (tea)..he is English, so he has an excuse. But yesterday morning, he made himself a big bowl of cereal with dairy milk, and for the next 12 hours...let's just say his tummy was not happy. Coincidence??

For others testing out the dairy-free waters, how do you feel? Do you notice any difference? Have you made any new food discoveries or combinations that you love during this time?

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  1. Love your "donut" line. Classic. And definitely an easy trap to fall into.

    Try to stick with the dairy free thing. At least for the 30 days. Now that I don't put milk in my eggs, I can't possibly imagine why I ever did in the first place. Cause my mommy used to?? It doesn't taste any different without it.

    Not sure if I feel a world of difference being off of it, but I know my body is thanking me for it. If not now, then it will when I'm old and gray.