Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Your guide to gluten-free cupcakes in Atlanta

I must admit, as excited as I am about my new city, I really miss a few places in Chicago, so badly, that I want to drive up there just for that one thing, like Swirlz Cupcakes (pictured above). These cupcakes were so incredible that I would plan an afternoon around making sure I got there in time to get certain flavors before they were gone. And they did run out by the late afternoon. The great thing about Swirlz is that they made a great selection of gluten-free cupcakes, not just your standard chocolate and vanilla, though vanilla was actually my absolute favorite flavor of theirs. They make their regular cupcake flavors as gluten-free versions as well - like red velvet, banana Nutella or even egg nog!

Their web site lists their daily cupcakes, but I found there were usually some surprises when I went in to the store. Perhaps left over from a special order, but whatever the reason, I was addicted. And now I miss them.

Really, I should be making my own cupcakes and save some $$, but there is just something so fun about going somewhere and just picking it out and having it handed to you all pretty with beautiful frosting and decorations.

But, back to topic, this is about my new city and looking forward. After doing some research, I came up with a list of local cupcake bakeries that offer gluten-free cupcakes. There are definitely many more bakeries than that are on this list, but they do not offer gluten-free cupcakes, which is a shame, but hopefully more will jump on the bandwagon as the need for gluten-free grows. I also noticed many of them only offer chocolate and vanilla, with a couple of exceptions. Hopefully this list grows as well.

American Gra-Frutti - Available in store, and Atlanta-area Whole Foods. 1355 Roswell Road, Suite 152, Marietta, 30062. 404-304-9255.

The Cake Hag - Available in store and by special order. 233 Mitchell Street SW, Atlanta 30303. 678-760-6300.

Cake in the Box - Available in store and by special order. 2730 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 204, Duluth, 30097. 678-417-5855.

Carolyn's Cupcakes - Vanilla and chocolate on a daily basis and by special order. 2745 LaVista Road, Decatur, 30033. 404-343.1964.

Doctor Bombay's Underwater Tea Party - Sometimes available in store, and special order. 1645 McLendon Avenue NE, Atlanta, 30307. 404-474-1402.

The Free Cookie - Available by special order, and Return to Eden. 404-536-6170.

Gigi's Cupcakes - Available in store on Wednesdays, or by special order. Vanilla, chocolate and spice cake with cream cheese frosting. 3655 Roswell Road, Atlanta 30342. 404-846-4400.

Lenox Cupcakes - Available by special order with 24-hour notice, any of their flavors. Phipps Plaza, 3500 Peachtree Road, Atlanta 30326. 404-949-0409.

Little Cake Bakery - Available by special order only, chocolate or vanilla with any of their frostings. 3792 Roswell Road, Atlanta 30342. 404-841-8856.

Magnolia Manor Sweets - Available by special order, and Peachtree City Farmers Market (seasonal). 631-793-9715.

Metrotainment Bakery - Available by special order with 48-hour notice, yellow and chocolate cupcakes. 1119 Logan Circle, Atlanta 30318. 404-873-6307.

Sugar Shack - Available in store and by special order. Double chocolate fudge flavor only. 4058 Peachtree Road, Atlanta 30319. 404-816-6161. (owned by Metrotainment)

Whole Foods - Available in the gluten-free freezer section with their Gluten-Free Bakehouse products. Atlanta-area stores.

At the time of this post, Sweet Pockets was testing out gluten-free recipes and hopes to offer them in the future, but no date has been set.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pure Taqueria now has gluten-free chips!

I love all of the taquerias in Atlanta, and how easy it is to eat gluten-free at them...except for the chips. It seems that many of them fry their chips with something else wheat-based. In these cases, I usually end up bringing my own chips and try to be all sly about it, because I don't want to feel like an outcast sitting there with my "special" chips. And then of course I need my own salsa, so others at the table don't dip their gluten-filled chips into the same bowl of salsa, contaminating me in the end.

Pure Taqueria has always had gluten-free chips...but they are not the ones that get passed to the tables for free, they were chips you had to order (and pay) separately.

Lucky for us, Pure Taqueria's chips, which were once fried with wheat-containing products are now gluten-free and fried at the beginning of the day before anything else is fried and therefore uncontaminated. I was a bit skeptical, but I am super sensitive and inhaled a basked on my own and felt great afterwards....other than a bit full with my basket of chips and dinner.

And, psst.......they have a coupon on Scoutmob now, so you can go enjoy 50% off you meal!