Saturday, April 17, 2010

Glutened, yet again!

Only a month has gone by and it happened again, and even worse. So frustrating. And ironically, it happened just hours after my annual physical where I was telling me doctor how great I felt, and I wouldn't get near gluten again. After my appointment I am walking around Target in a great mood, and I pick up TrueNorth Almond Clusters. I had read before these were gluten-free, and checked the web site from my phone, and in their FAQ they state they are indeed gluten-free.

I get home and happily snack on a few, and within an hour, it starts....the stomach cramping, the burning feeling inside, nausea....and more.

I wouldn't normally suspect it was this since these clearly stated on their web site to be gluten-free, but the only other thing I ate was leftover homemade Indian dinner from the night before, and I usually feel the symptoms within the viola, it has to be the nut clusters. They were good, but the thought of them now, make me want to freakin' puke.

Friday nights are our pizza night, and we make homemade pizzas. And I hated having to disappoint Z, and she was crushed. She wanted me to feel better so badly, and tried to give me an orange to make me feel better, and all I could do is be grumpy and try to stay fetal under the covers in bed.

After 4 doses of Pepto, 3 cups of chamomile tea and hours of pain, I am starting to feel ok. It is times like this when it hits me that I really do have a disease and it feel so defeating and frustrating. It also makes me terrified of food, and I am someone who loves food (as if you couldn't tell). I mean, when something says it is gluten-free, you think you can trust it, and when you get sick it is terrifying. I would be terrified to feel like that if I am out. Like maybe I should just stay home, never eat anything packaged, and never eat outside the house again.

And why is it that before I was gluten-free...I had no symptoms, so I do the right thing and cut gluten out of my life, and now when I do get it, it is like a huge bonfire in my stomach.

When I am feeling the pain from gluten I feel like a failure and lost. The only upside...maybe I lost a couple of pounds. But it is definitely not worth the pain!

Looking forward to pizza night a day late and eating together as a family.


  1. It sucks big time being accidently glutened. I am like you, just so scared of eating food. If I go into a gluten free shop I still have to read the ingredients, just to make sure. Enjoy your pizza :)

  2. oh no! i'm so sorry :( i can truly relate. dang-that really sucks. I considered picking up those nut clusters the other day, too.....SO glad i didn't!
    i was glutened a couple months ago....and I have no idea what caused it, but it lasted nearly a week.
    Thank goodness for sweatpants and supportive families, eh?
    Like you said, it makes you fearful of food sometimes.
    Again...SO sorry.

  3. Oh Anne, I am so sorry!!! I hope that you are feeling better now.


  4. Oh no! Did you ever talk to the company? I hate getting glutened, especially when you're strictly abiding by the diet.