Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Craptastical Wednesday!

And not in a glutened way, but in a flu (not stomach) way. I get through the entire winter healthy as can be, and now end of March, I have a fever, and feel awful! Could it be the pig flu finally taking me down??

I woke up feeling a bit rough, but still forced myself to Zumba, but came home feeling full-blown awful!

I can't help but wonder....since I was glutened last week if that weakened my immune system and voila, I got sick! I hadn't ben glutened in at least 6 months. I am obsessive about washing hands, washing everything really, but my daughter did have a birthday party, and maybe I picked it up from someone.

And I am the worst sick person, I cannot be sick quietly. M will quickly agree.

I have 3 layers on top, one being a very ugly, but very warm fleece, a hoodie and 2 pairs of socks on, bundled in 2 blankets, and I am still freezing. I have had soup, I have taken all my vitamins and then some..guess I need to take some Tylenol or Advil...I forgot about that.

I sent M out to get some Cherry Garcia and about to watch Bridget Jones' all time favorite movie. Let's hope this works.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now!

  2. Thanks Kim! Better than Wednesday, but still pretty icky. I just hope I am all good by Monday to go to Zumba ;)