Monday, November 18, 2013

Giveaway: Glutino Peppermint Yogurt Covered Pretzels

First, let me say, I love all things peppermint, and I love the holidays!  I am one of those people that want to put my decorations up right now!  When I feel a chill in the air, I am ready to snuggle up to Love Actually, and a mug of Mexican hot chocolate with a sprinkling of crushed peppermint on top.

I even bought extra candy canes last year, just so I could crush them in my food processor and enjoy "peppermint sugar" year round.  So, when these babies arrived in the mail today from Glutino, I almost could not not contain myself. It took major self control to wait the hour I had, to pick my daughter up at school, so we could enjoy the first bite together.

Glutino yogurt covered pretzels are already one of my favorite snacks...add peppermint to them, and I will follow you anywhere.  They were even better than I could have imagined, a total treat! You cannot eat just 1, or 20!  My daughter loved them just as much, and I have had to put a couple away in the corner out of reach, just so my husband can try them when he gets home from work.  But really, I am the one with celiac in my family, so I am allowed to inhale all of the gluten-free goodies that come my way, right?

So, because I am so enamored with this savory, sweet minty treat, I asked Glutino if I could give some away to a fellow gluten-free eater out there.  To enter this giveaway of 2 bags of gluten-free Glutino Peppermint Yogurt Covered Pretzels please leave a comment below about your favorite holiday treat with your email (or how else will I be able to get these sent to you), and tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, with a link to this post.

I will draw a winner, at random, on Friday, November 22nd at 10pm.

Good luck, you will not be disappointed!


  1. Monkey bread is the best "come down the stairs for Christmas morning" treat ever

  2. In the past I used Glutino pretzals, melted white chocolate & sprinkled with cracked peppermints to make a similar favorite. Now I can buy these & spend time making a new holiday treat :-)

  3. I make oatmeal date bars every Christmas. They were a favorite of my grandpa's and we continue to make (and eat! ) them in his memory. Of course, now I use gf oats. (:
    *I don't know how to tweet! Hope I can still be considered for the contest.

  4. Oh man, it's extremely hard to decide my favorite holiday treat. My mum is an excellent cook and when I had to go gluten-free she adapted quite well, so she provides many options to choose from in this department every year. However, I think if I DID have to choose one favorite...okay, okay, I can't pick one, but two. If I narrowed it down to two, it would be the gumdrop cookies and the Christmas Morning cinnamon rolls. All gluten-free, of course. So very delicious!

  5. I just realized I am Gluten intolerant. I had always written off "Gluten Intolerance" as another trend. Then I read one of those top ten signs, and I had every single one of them! I am just beginning the process of fully understanding how to wrestle this beast, but here's to good beginnings!
    My *FAVORITE* holiday delicacy is Pumpkin Pie! :)

  6. Our family tradition is coffee cake on Christmas morning. A family friend delivers it each year on Christmas Eve -- her recipe is secret and oh-so-good! This will be my first holiday season gluten free as i was diagnosed with celiac disease... our family friend is trying to come up with a gluten free coffee cake for me so the tradition can live on!

  7. When I was a kid, nothing beat holiday cookies. My Grandma was a professional caterer and she would make us an assortment each year. Now that I know that I have Celiac Disease, I eat gluten-free cookies, which cannot compare to my grandma's. So today my favorite treat would have to be pie made with a crust formed from crushed gluten-free cookies.

    Check out my gluten-free show on YouTube: Go GF Yourself with Brent Jones! (An unfortunate title, I grant you.)

  8. I love pumpkin pie anything! :)

    kds64 @ (remove spaces please!)

    Thank you! :)

  9. Brent, you are the winner! I will email you to get your details so Glutino can get these out to you ASAP.

    Thank you everyone for responding and for your fun ideas!

  10. My favorite are homemade mounds, I love coconut dipped in chocolate!