Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January dairy-free challenge!

Who else is in??

I have said it, I have put it in words and now I must stick with it. My husband thinks I am crazy, asking 1) why would I go dairy-free if I don't have to; and 2) if I say it now, why don't I just start now. My friends ask why would I do this to myself when I already can't have gluten.

He is right, I do not need to be dairy-free, dairy is one of my vices, and since being gluten-free, I have always thought how giving up dairy would be so much more difficult that gluten. I have been 100% gluten-free for almost three years now, minus a few unfortunate glutening episodes, which were not planned. I love dairy, and could live on smelly, soft French cheeses, aged Parmesan and Greek yogurt. So why the heck am I going to restrict myself of something I love, and that seemingly makes my body happy?

I suppose I just want to try it out. I probably eat more than I should, actually I am sure I do. I can go through some pretty big chunks of cheese in a small period of time. Way too many of my hurried lunches during the week consist of cheese and crackers, which would probably be good, if I had like two crackers, but when I have 20 it is probably a little too much. I figured cutting out the dairy couldn't hurt, and maybe I would even feel changes. I would love to loose weight as a result, but I am not holding out for that, nor doing it for that reason.

After going gluten-free, and doing it cold turkey, I know anything is possible. It takes strong will power, but it can be done. And because I am only going to do it for a month, I know it is just a finite period of time with an end-date, so I know I can have it again. And maybe on February 1st, I will appreciate eating dairy again so much, that I will be able to restrict how much I have - we can hope, right?

My husband asks why I just don't do it now if that is what I want to do, and my response.....well, I have to be able to enjoy the holidays, and my creamy mashed potatoes, my brother in law's cheese ball, and whipped cream topped pear pie. In my mind, going dairy-free in January is a sort of cleanse to all the holiday indulgence and culinary debauchery.

I don't know if I have even gone 24-hours without dairy, so 31 days will definitely be a challenge. What will I use to top my pasta??

I hope to learn new recipes and to use other, less fattening items to flavor my food. M said he is on board with me, except for his morning tea. Being a Brit, they need their milk in their tea, and replacements just don't do it for him. But for me, I will be 100% dairy-free (and gluten-free, of course!) for 31 days. I would love to learn how those who are dairy-free curb the craving.

Anyone else want to join me in the challenge??


  1. Good luck to you! I think meat, gluten, and cigarettes were easier to give up! Can't wait to read about how it goes for you.

  2. I. WANT. IN!

    I have been diagnosed as having severe wheat and dairy sensitivities and am STRUGGLING to manage this new lifestyle. I would love to have a plan/crew to help me with this. I know what these thing do to my body but at the same time they are sooooo yummy that my will power is pretty low.

    That being said I'd love to join this challenge!


  3. Good luck! The first week or two can be a doozy, but if you stick with it, it gets easier :)

    I have a free diet & health journal that you can download on Go Dairy Free. It helps you track symptoms and diet changes to see if there are any differences (can be used for other things besides dairy too). Good luck!!

  4. I.WANT.IN. Please!! I just found out I have food sensitivities that are out of control (70 different foods and spices) including wheat/gluten and dairy proteins.