Sunday, September 19, 2010

I need my mojo back!

I am really loving my new city and happy about our move, but I have to admit, I am in a major cooking funk. This is really unlike me, but when it comes time to think about cooking the next meal, I start feeling so lethargic and blah!

I usually get so excited about what I am going to cook for the week and test out recipes from other bloggers, or from my monthly subscriptions to Food & Wine and Vegetarian Times, and I am still seeing wonderful recipes, but I just don't feel the motivation to do it.

It doesn't help that we have now been in our new place for a month, yet the kitchen is not fully unpacked...about 75%. It doesn't help that we have ants. And it doesn't help that I am going from my gorgeous new kitchen that I designed to an 80s kitchen that I am now renting. In the kitchen I recently parted with, I felt like the counter tops and floors were so clean and new I could eat off of them. Not so much here. I know it is just a kitchen, and it is only temporary in the grand scheme of things, but it sure makes me miss my old gourmet stomping grounds. And I know it wasn't a kitchen that was about to featured on the cover of Architectural Digest or Dwell, but it was perfect for me.

M tells me I have to move on, that it is only stuff, and I know he is right, so why am I finding it so hard to start creating my favorites dishes? It is true, I miss my house, but I am loving our new city and neighborhood.

I have always been very particular about using fresh fruit and veg in every meal, and going to a farmers market at least once weekly, but I have not even been to one since I have moved here. I have been making meals that are monotonous in color that would make Gillian McKeith wince and probably tell me off with a table full of what I have been eating these last 30 days. Typically I use very minimal processed foods, but I have been relying on them way too heavily.

We all know that eating gluten-free doesn't necessarily mean eating healthy and these past 30 days I seem to really be trying to challenge that fact. Once in a while, I have created the occasional pasta dish or quiche, but for the most part, I have been failing as the chef of the house. I fear I will be fired.

Everyday I keep waking up and telling myself, this will be the day. This will be the day that I get the kitchen fully functioning and make a fabulous meal like I did just weeks ago. I used to make pancakes with fresh fruit weekly...pancakes have not been made yet. The grill has not been used, and half of my plates are still in boxes.

I am hoping that writing this entry will somehow be cathartic to me, and somehow give me the motivation to get to it in the morning.

I would love to hear any wise words or inspiration to give me a jump start.

Bon soir!


  1. I know how you feel. I cook in a tiny, outdated kitchen with a 1970s Hotpoint stove and very little counter space or natural light. I started telling myself I would start the blog and learn to cook when I had a real kitchen. Then 2 years passed living here and I just woke up one day and decided to make do. You will too!

    The Peachtree Road Farmers Market every Saturday is the best one, in my opinion.

  2. Hi Anne,

    First, thanks for mentioning the tri-tip asada was not on the gf list. I checked it out, and it had dried soy sauce in it. Just poisoned myself, and tried to poison all my blogger friends. :( I redid the post to say not to make until I redo the recipe, which I will because it tasted so good. And I can throw some spices together.

    Second, I feel your pain. We have moved 9 times in the 10.5 years we've been together. This last time we went from a brand new, amazing apartment with a total gourmet kitchen. It was a dream. To our current dwelling, which is a rented house. The yard is what sold us. Definitely not the kitchen. It is a 60s galley kitchen. The sink is on one end. The fridge is on the other. Everything is 2 - 5 steps too far. You even have to take 2 steps to put the dishes in the dishwasher from the sink.

    But, I spent a couple of months being frustrated and then just started messing around with where I wanted everything. It took a few months of moving things around, but I did it. I put my stuff in sections. I put the baking products, such as flours, agave nectar, baking soda, etc. in the cupboard above my mixer, so I wouldn't have to keep crossing and walking up and down the kitchen to make something. I did that with everything. And it really helped. Now, I use it all of the time.

    If only it had good light to take pictures. I have to cart everything out to the living room and beg my son not to take it before I get a shot. :)

    You'll get it.

    And, get yourself to the farmer's market. It will help, too. I still haven't done it here, and we;ve been through two seasons. Bad me.


  3. Tia,

    Good to know about the tri-tip, but so sorry you had to suffer from it. I was about to go to TJs tomorrow and stock up on it, because the recipe sounded so easy and delicious.

    Yes, I still mourn my kitchen. And we had to decide too, between a fancy, new apartment or rent a house in a great, cozy neighborhood, with an amazing backyard....and the backyard sold us as well. I know I just have to get in my kitchen and do it...which speaking of....I need to make dinner now =) Pasta alla vodka tonight!