Monday, July 9, 2012

Something to think about at the sushi bar

The other week M and I had the luxury of a date night.  It doesn't happen often, and I decided I wanted sushi, so we checked out a new sushi place.  I was feeling like a splurge and decided to go for an appetizer, and thought that the edamame was probably the only safe thing to order.  This is fine with me..because who doesn't like sucking out salty beans from their pods.  And then it struck me to ask...what water do they use to boil/steam their edamame?  And sure enough, they use the same water that they cook their (gluten) noodles.

On a plus side, they did have gluten-free soy sauce on hand.

That was a close one!  Always remember to ask when you order something steamed or boiled that it is not being steamed or boiled in the same water as something gluten-filled.

My public service announcement for the day.


  1. Never thought of that before! Thanks for the PSA!


  2. Holy crap...that never even crossed my mind! I'll be sure to ask next time. That could certainly explain a lot.

    1. Isn't it amazing where gluten can cross-contaminate?

      I would not have thought about it either, but I could see a huge pot on the stove from where I sat where they were boiling noodles, and it just clicked.....boiling water....noodles....edamame. Why use two posts when you can use one? Kind of like a fries and chips sharing a fryer with breaded items. I wasn't about to risk it and ruin my night.