Monday, January 3, 2011

Keep calm and carry on, in 2011

Apologies for being MIA. During the holidays I set my laptop aside and kept busy running around, visiting friends and enjoying one of my favorite pastimes...reading actual paper books! But now it is a new year and that means new beginnings...or at least I am trying to make it mean that for me.

2010 was a great year full of major changes. Selling a house, moving across the country, M with a new job, Z in full-time school, new friends. I love where we are now, but I feel I need to really settle into a routine and slow down. I am always rushing around and trying to take on too much. Especially when it comes to eating.

Thanks to one of my good friends, I have come to the self-realization that I have eatlikeamanitis. I eat the way a man, with no will power eats, and that is just no good for my 5'3" self who has a diminishing metabolism. I have tasted and baked so many wonderful gluten-free baked goods this past year, that proved gluten-free can be even better, but it also proved to my waist-line, that I don't need to constantly prove this to myself. One bite will do. Keep calm and carry need to scarf the whole packet of Swedish Fish in one sitting!

I spoke to a good friend and fellow-celiac how when we encounter something that is labeled 'gluten-free', we feel we just have to try it, because we may never see it again. That in today's world it is such a rarity (it is really not, this is just what we are telling ourselves) to see something gluten-free, we have to grab it before it disappears never to find another gluten-free treat on this planet ever again. I mean, before being gluten-free, I could easily walk into a cafe and say no to all the baked goods. But now if something is labeled 'gluten-free' I feel like I must have it. It is irrational I know. And to think back to over the holidays with how much butter, flour, sugar and eggs I used...well, let's just would have been a French patisserie's dream!

I also realize the horrible cliché of starting new things for the new year and most of the time they fail. But I have to think, if I could go gluten-free cold turkey after I was diagnosed in early 2009, I could do anything! Since that day in March I have not (intentionally) had a crumb of gluten, and I survived (knock on plastic cup) I know I can stop eating like a man!

I am not trying to be unrealistic and say I am going to cut out all carbs, sugar and fat.....but I am certainly going to cut down. I am going to avoid most processed gluten-free baked goods, save for some crackers, corn tortillas and chips. I want to start baking my own bread, so that at least the bread I do have can be full of high-fiber carbs like gluten-free oats, millet and buckwheat and avoid items heavy with empty carbs like rice flour and potato starch.

The thing is, I never felt I ate a lot of processed foods, I cook all our meals from scratch and use fresh fruit and veg, but when I look at what I really use, I do add a lot of processed gluten-free items into the mix...especially dessert treats. I am going to swap the donut for a grapefruit! Breakfast will no longer be that quick frozen gluten-free pancake, from Trader Joe's, for breakfast, but a smoothie full of yogurt, fruit and flax. And apples will be back in style at snack time!

I know my body handles dairy fine, but that is where I am an addict and need to cut down as well. I could devour a nice wedge of brie or a huge block of sharp cheddar and that just has to slow down. I am not going to deny myself of it completely, but I need to only have a slice at a time, rather than a week's worth.

Last year, I became obsessed with Zumba. I had a wonderful instructor where I used to live, and she opened me up to a world where working out felt great and it totally transformed me in the 6 months I took it with her. There is nothing I didn't love about Zumba, it is the best mood booster there is! But when I moved I became so caught up in unpacking, new routines that I have totally neglected this. I also used to walk 2-4 miles, 4-5 days a week, have I done this since moving here? Simply put, no.

And since I am no longer in the Arctic midwest, I really have no excuse for not walking during the day. And we have hills here, making it even a better workout! I am going to start back up, while Z is in school, and get back in a Zumba class.

So less maneating, and more moving!

Is anyone else cutting down on processed gluten-free processed foods this year? What are some other resolutions/changes you are starting in 2011?

Happy New Year!


  1. I love this! I am also along with you and cutting back on a lot of treats. (My blog post on that coming soon...)

    I need to try Zumba. I hear such wonderful things about it...I definitely should hop on that wagon!

    Happy New Year, Anne!

  2. I hear ya! I may just have eatlikeamanitis too! (part of this issue is my man who is one heck of a cook) But his meals aren't the ones that are making my jeans too tight. It's all the gf goodies I consume and need to cut back on as well. And I started the Couch to 5K program last week. Not as a resolution. Just a Tuesday in December. So far so good, one week down, 8 to go! Happy New Year!

  3. Sarah, I have been tempted about the C25K program too, except i hate running. i love walking, but the running is not my favorite. Is there a way to learn to love it? And of course now that I am not longer in the midwest, there are big hills here that even walking is a challenge in places. I think I could just walk up and down my driveway for 30 min and get a workout, I need to add that to my list!

    Betsy, Zumba is so fun! Go once and you will be hooked. I know a lot of places will let you try it for free the first time.

    And the samples. I need to slow down on the samples and give them to others to try.

  4. Zumba is so much fun! The Y at Moores Mill has great Zumba classes. They also have free child care.
    Here's to New Year's and New Beginnings!

  5. Betsy - Thanks, that is great to know...I will check it out! Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Hello. Just stumbled across your blog. It's nice to read other people's experiences. It's not easy to eat healthy on a GF diet sometimes, so good luck!

  7. I'm sure you have seen this:
    Subway's Gluten Free Sandwich.

    Hope all is well.

  8. George,

    I have seen this, thank you. I commend Subway for stepping up to the gluten-free community, but I didn't at Subway before, so I don't think I will eat it now. But it is good to know that I have more options if stuck in the middle of nowhere with no other choices =)

  9. Just found your blog. Love it! :)