Saturday, November 20, 2010

I guess this means I am an official Atlantan!

I have now been in the dirty South for three months and we love it! I must admit, I was a bit nervous moving down here...after living in Chicago for ten years and feeling at home there, it was a bit nerve-wracking thinking about how we would feel once we got here. So, why did we pick up and move when we lived in a fabulous city with an amazing lakefront and skyline? The bottom line is that I missed my family and the Arctic winters were getting old.

And we love it more than we ever imagined we would. We ended up in the most perfect neighborhood and it gets better everyday. Z's school is great, the scenery is beautiful and eating gluten-free is pretty fun and easy. We live right intown and while it seems we live in a nice green, quite pocket of the city, we are also very close distance to anything we want or need. I love that right at this very moment, I am looking out my window into the fall-colored woods that surround our house, and watching two squirrels chase each other around a tree. The squirrels rule our yard!

That is not say I don't miss Chicago, I do! I miss my friends, I miss the beautiful architecture, I miss the city streets, I miss my favorite gluten-free cupcakes...but we are ready for this new adventure, with our wonderful memories of Chicago intact.

As a result of this big life-changing move, it only seems right to transfer my Examiner writing gig from Chicago to Atlanta. My Chicago articles will remain as they are, but now I will be writing about all the fun things I find in Atlanta. My focus will be intown Atlanta and Decatur, as well as interviewing local Atlantans about living gluten-free. I would love to hear any feedback and suggestions.

There is a permanent link to my Examiner site on the right of this blog, but you can also follow this link. Along with writing for Examiner, I will also continue to write for and my own blog.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on the new gig! :) I love Atlanta, too! If I could convince hubby and deal with the traffic, we would be there! I know my sister loves it!


  2. We miss you! Anna and I were in the Atlanta airport for about 2 hours last Tuesday coming back from a wedding in Sarasota. I have to check out Atlanta some day. I've only been there once for a wedding and couldn't figure out where the "main" city was. Say, "hi" to Jane Fonda and Whitney Houston for me.

  3. Kim....hope we can get together next time you are down here!

    George....I wish you would have called us, we are like 15 min from the airport (when there is no traffic)....hey you missed Ludacris ;) We hope to make it to Chicago for a visit this summer for sure!