Thursday, June 3, 2010

And 2 weeks later..

The past two weeks have been a very busy time, so I have sadly neglected my blog. There has been so much going on well as a hundred other things. Just like we all have, I'm sure. I have no excuse.

First of all, a few weeks ago, I went to retest my celiac levels. It has been almost a year and a half since I was diagnosed, and so I was little late going to get tested. I have tried so hard and been so careful about everything I come in contact with, I was really looking forward to how this test would come out. The original day I was supposed to get tested, I had actually had an accidental glutening the night before, so I decided to wait 30 days to try and get it completely out of my system, and it must have worked, because my tests came out great...and if any other doctor tested me without knowing I had celiac, they would think I didn't have it. I was ecstatic...finally a test result I like! I am thrilled to know that all of my efforts have worked and I have successfully eliminated gluten from my life. Phew! Now just to continue with it..FOREVER!

It is also interesting that as my body healed from being diagnosed last year, I have put on the pounds. Like my intestines must be working now because they are absorbing way too much and holding on to it like it is gold.

I am continuing to go to my Zumba classes, the gym, walking...and it seems like no matter how much exercise I do, the only way I see any bit of improvement on the scale is when I eat like a mouse...I have to literally eat the same size portion as my 5-year old does and no more. And it leaves me so hungry.

I also started eating a bit of meat. It has been the strangest thing, I have been craving it, like my body has been screaming for protein, and protein in the form of meat. When I was at the gym last week, I was craving Boar's Head cracked pepper-mill turkey. I have not eaten this in at least 10 years, but used to love it beforehand....but the craving was so strong it got me to the store and at the deli counter ordering meat. I felt like such a novice, I wasn't even sure how to do it. I did ask them to clean the slicer in case something with gluten was used previously. I got home and within five minute made my self a sandwich on corn tortillas with my turkey, muenster and sliced cucumbers and thoroughly enjoyed it!! I love my Udi's bread that is sitting in my fridge, but thought the tortillas would be less calories than the bread.

I told myself not to think about it, to just eat it. And it worked, and it was good. Today, I even bought some Applegate Farms turkey and will try it out tomorrow. What is wrong with me?? I am just starting to think maybe eating this protein will tide me over more and save me from filling myself up with calories from items that contain rice and potato flour. I think the whole key is getting the protein in, and I know this can be done with veggie sources as I have been doing it for years, but it is not working with the weight-loss, and my cravings got he best of me.

A new rule I made for calories after 7:30. This is quite a feat for me since we used to dinner at 9pm nightly. I am sure I will have a couple of nights where I fail because of being out with friends, but I am really going to try and stick with this 99% of the time.

And again, I ran into someone who is a diagnosed celiac since childhood yet chooses to ignore it and told me that they don't get symptoms like most people so they don't want to get all "crazy" about it. They told me what their favorite cereal was, and that they never even checked if there was gluten in it....and trust me, this is a very gluten-filled cereal. I was in shock once again, but choose not to say anything. They can live their life as they want. Part of me thinks as long as one is constantly getting gluten they won't have the symptoms anyway, it is not until they take it away that some people will feel me. I ate it daily, never an issue...I eat it now...I am fetal under the covers. 'Whatever' I say to them.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...


  1. Just found you and so glad I did! Have other coeliacs commented that they too are craving protein? I've searched and searched the internet but not found anything explaining why we do.
    Keep up the good work, it is great to know someone else is having the same daily battles!

  2. Not only do I crave protein, I actually caved today and ate a hamburger for the first time in years, and it was good!!

    Maybe it is because all the carbs we now eat are so starchy and our bodies need more umph that we are missing from the usual whole grains we were used to eating ..just a thought?